Public engagement underpins the sustainable development of the energy sector.

Stakeholder engagement must underpin energy sector development to ensure its sustainability. Before MEPAU begins substantial work on major projects or existing facilities, it will assess regulatory, environmental and social impacts alongside commercial and technical considerations. This process includes environmental and social assessments to help understand and manage risks and opportunities.

In undertaking its operations, MEPAU consults with local landowners, Traditional Owners, communities, governments and environmental experts to help develop our plans and inform our approach.

MEPAU is required to obtain a number of regulatory approvals before the construction of projects can commence and in order to carry out any operations. The key government departments that assess the environmental impacts of our activities are the Department of Mining, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).


Heritage & Culture

Guiding our direction and our relationships

MEPAU pays its respects to Elders past and present and commits to supporting the aspirations of local Indigenous communities alongside MEPAU’s business activities.

MEPAU is a supporter of Indigenous engagement and Indigenous reconciliation in Western Australia, taking up membership with Reconciliation WA in 2022.


Delivering sustainable social outcomes for our communities

MEPAU recognises the importance of its role in delivering long term social benefits for the communities in which we work.

We generate community and social benefits, often in collaboration with our joint venture partners, through supporting initiatives, projects and activities that:

  • Assist with skills development, training opportunities and education;
  • Provide training and/or employment opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons;
  • Support regional development activities, including partnerships and sponsorships;
  • Contribute to community projects, town services and facilities; and
  • Support a regionally-based workforce.

Reporting and public information

MEPAU is required to make a number of documents and sources of information relating to its activities and operations publicly available. These documents and other relevant information are provided below.

Greenhouse Gas Management Plan

Ministerial Statement 1164 Condition 8-9