You're reading: Shining a light on Dongara Men in Sheds’ work

The Dongara Men in Sheds have done a fantastic job refurbishing the Dongara Memorial Park and War Memorial, creating a long-lasting memorial to honour and show ongoing support for Australia’s Service personnel.

MEPAU and joint venture partner Beach Energy are delighted to provide support for the group’s efforts by sponsoring the installation of lighting around the memorial. The lighting brings to a bright finish these works, highlighting the new archway, paths, renovated cenotaph, landscaping and other improvements.

From scrap metal and copper cabling

The Dongara Men in Sheds have put in a huge effort to raise funds for this community project.

In 2020, they introduced MEPAU to specialist scrap metal contractors to clean-up recyclable materials during the deconstruction of five redundant plants – and a portion of the scrap metal funds was donated back to them in recognition of their key role.

Dongara Men in Sheds then worked on stripping the copper wire retrieved from the sites, with 6-10 volunteers working on the project each morning from December 2020 to March 2021. It was labour intensive work, often in the heat, but the financial rewards were well worth the effort.

The Men in Sheds group teamed up with the Shire of Irwin and the raised funds were invested into the Memorial Park Upgrade Project.