Stage One

Waitsia Stage 1

Waitsia Stage 1, which includes the Xyris Production Facility, has been producing since 2016. Stage 1 has a maximum capacity of ~30 Terajoules per day, and is currently supplying the Western Australian domestic market via the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP).

Waitsia Gas Project Stage 1A

During the development of Stage 1A, more than $6 million in service contracts were awarded to Mid West businesses that provided core services, such as pipeline construction, earthworks, concreting and electrical and instrumental construction. Local service providers helped to deliver the Waitsia Stage 1A on time and under budget.

Xyris Gas Plant Expansion

The 2020 Expansion Project for the Xyris Gas Plant Facility to refurbish the facility and connect it to the DBNGP awarded more than $2 million to local contractors to provide construction services. In addition, local contractors were engaged for road maintenance, cleaning, minor earthworks and communications.

Stage Two

Waitsia Stage Two

Waitsia Stage 2, including the new Waitsia Gas Plant and associated gas gathering pipelines, is spread across a ~10km radius and has been built adjacent to the Xyris Production Facility.

The Waitsia Gas Plant will have a production capacity of 250 TJ/day, and once in production the gas will be conveyed from the plant to the nearby DBNGP, providing gas to the North West Shelf to be processed and sold as LNG to the international market, with the plant eventually providing gas directly to the WA domestic market.

Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2A

Construction of the Project commenced in 2021 and has resulted in numerous contracts being awarded to Mid West, Western Australian and Australian businesses.

All the major units of the Waitsia Gas Plant were build in Western Australia by specialist fabrication companies and trucked to site – the largest of the modules weighed in at 45 tonnes and stands 34m tall.

The Stage 2 construction workforce peaked at more than 400 jobs mid-2023, and will ensure 25 ongoing permanent jobs for the operation phase.


Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2B

Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2B proposes to drill a further five to eight wells, which would be tied-back via new flowlines to the Waitsia Gas Plant.

These activities will occur on private agricultural land or at existing well pads that have gas infrastructure in place or adjacent to them.