You're reading: Community Partnership Resources Sector Award

MEPAU has been nominated for the DMIRS 2021 Community Partnership Resource Sector Award.

The award celebrates innovative and meaningful partnerships between resource sector companies and the communities in which they operate. The selection committee is particularly interested in partnerships that provide positive outcomes for Western Australian communities which go well beyond the mere ‘social licence to operate’.

MEPAU’s submission focussed on the partnership with Dongara Men in Sheds, in which metal infrastructure from five MEPAU facilities was salvaged for recycling.

Dongara Men in Sheds used the proceeds from the partnership to upgrade the local war memorial and install a commemorative artwork.

All costs associated with the project were recouped by MEPAU from the sale of the scrap metal, allowing a cost-neutral outcome in a challenging economic climate.

The collaboration between MEPAU and Dongara Men in Sheds demonstrates that support and benefit goes both ways. MEPAU’s approach enabled important work to be done at no cost to the company, while also providing ongoing benefit and support to the Dongara community. In addition, the project benefitted the wider Australian community by ensuring that important resources were correctly recycled to be used again.

Kevin Davey, MEPAU General Manager – Waitsia Operations, says, “We’re delighted to be recognised with a nomination for the DMIRS Community Partnership Award, although Dongara Men in Sheds are the true stars of the show. They’ve worked tirelessly to recycle materials recovered from site and the upgraded war memorial is testament to their ongoing contribution to the local community.”

Mr Davey has worked with the Dongara Men in Sheds organisation to coordinate the partnership with MEPAU from the outset. He says the partnership yields value for MEPAU by providing a sustainable path to recycling redundant site infrastructure, but more importantly, the ongoing partnership between MEPAU and Dongara Men in Sheds allows MEPAU to continue supporting important community projects.

Award winners will be announced at the 2021 Resources Sector Awards for Excellence, held on 30 September.

Winners will receive two trophies, one for the community partner and one for the resources sector partner.