You're reading: Community mental wellbeing program to receive Mitsui E&P Australia grant

Desert Blue Connect has been awarded a $4,000 Mid West Community Grant to host two community wellbeing sessions in the Shire of Morawa, ‘Working with Warriors’ and ‘Check Me Out’.

The two programs will explore the stereotypes of ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles and how these have impacted the wellbeing of people in our communities.

The ‘Working with Warriors’ session will engage with men about their physical, mental and social wellbeing. In doing so, it will equip community members with knowledge to better understand some of the logic that underpins masculine behaviour, especially regarding how men approach their health and wellbeing. The two-hour session will be delivered by the Regional Men’s Health Initiative.

‘Check Me Out’ will be a two-hour session held for women, providing information about the important health checks women need and offering community education on topics such as pelvic health, mental wellbeing and health checks for women.

The Mid West Community Grant Program was developed by Mitsui E&P Australia and joint venture partner Beach Energy to support not-for-profit community groups, clubs and organisations to implement projects, activities and projects that enhance and promote community wellbeing within the Mid West.

These grants are available up to two times per year for funding requests of up to $4,000.

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Previous recipients of the Mid West Community Grant

The first round of recipients for the Mid West Community Grant Program were announced in March 2023, with each receiving $4,000 funding for community initiatives.

Green Head Sporting Club

The Green Head tennis courts will have the badly corroded fencing and an entry gate replaced to improve the safety of the town’s facilities.

The Green Head Sporting Club is working to restore the tennis courts to encourage locals and tourists to make use of the space and enjoy a social hit.

Shire of Northampton’s Horrocks Town Team

The Horrocks Town Team have been helping their community recover from the impacts of ex-Tropical Cyclone Seroja, and will be putting the Mid West Community Grant funds toward building a footbridge at the recently completed ‘Glance over Horrocks Lookout’ at the local beach.

Irwin District’s Sub Centre, St John Ambulance WA

The Irwin Districts Sub Centre has put their grant funds towards a two-part event held on 4 March, with a youth workshop afternoon followed by a volunteer event in the evening.

Students from Dongara and Mullewa attended the three hour session which included a First Aid workshop provided by the Irwin District St John Ambulance personnel, and a cultural identity workshop with Mitch Tambo, a traditional Indigenous singer, dancer and motivational speaker.

On the evening of 4 March, an open air music concert, ‘Bundara Thagalangu Bundara’ (Stars Under the Stars) was held to thank and celebrate the St John Ambulance Volunteers of the Mid West.